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Rey Espino | Project Manager

Seasoned and accomplished construction manager with hands-on experience leading large groups in completing multi-million dollar projects. Proven history of managing multi-site operations overseeing quality and performance, ensuring that all regulations and timelines are met. Strategic thinker and troubleshooter with a record of identifying inefficiencies, assessing issues, and implementing lasting solutions that streamline processes, improve productivity and minimize downtime. Known for building strong working relationships, and fostering open communications to gain the trust, confidence and respect of executive, crew members, clients, vendors, and key stakeholders.

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Education & Certifications

 ● 32-hour electrical continued education

2016 - Jade Learning

● 32-hour Electrical continued education

2011 - W.E.C.A.

● Electrical apprenticeship program

2004-2009 - W.E.C.A.

● American River College

2002-2004 - Sacramento, CA

● Division of Apprenticeship Standards

State of California

Certified General Electrician

NO. 145821

Forklift certification   ●   Aerial Lift certification

OSHA 30   ●   N.F.P.A. 70 E certification

First Aid   ●   CPR certification 

Relevant experience

Relevant Experience Supervising the construction of a 4-story multimillion-dollar lab. With the emphasis on overall construction safety. Altogether building quality control and assessments. Scheduling and daily reporting of all sub-contractors on site. Currently, the construction project consists of 10 sub-contractors, over 100 employees and 2 shifts running 5 days a week. This is a lab for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, there are unique specifications that need to be met that are above the normal governing codes and standards. Supervised the installation of utility scale and commercial photovoltaic projects consisting of a carport, ground mount, and roof mount structures. These projects were in California, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts which required compliance with different states environmental policies, building codes and standards. I worked directly with subcontractors, owners of projects and city inspectors, conducted meetings and inspections to reach the acceptable goal of completion. Supervised the installation of the underground electrical, above ground electrical, equipment pad installation and equipment terminations. This consisted of implementing construction safety practices, Scheduling inspections, and the oversight of 75+ workers onsite. Supervised the removal and installation of the main service, main building battery bank, and the installation of main backup generators. This work consisted of review and implementation of construction safety practices, scheduling shutdowns for all three phases, and the troubleshooting of building emergency power loss program. In charge of all QA/QC testing and reporting for all aspects of the demolition and installation. Administered the removal and installation of the main service of 30+ ATT facilities in California. Focus was the review and implementation of construction safety practices, scheduling shutdown and re-energization of each facility. All daily reports and inspections with the city and with AT&T officials. A special aspect of these projects is the need to follow AT&T's requirements for safety at their facilities taking care to not affect any of their data centers and specialty equipment. Performed all required testing for all new installation of electrical equipment and wiring.


Client and vendor relations

Site inspections and assessments

Health and safety practices

Quality control and assurance

Subcontractor management

Strategic planning and execution

Environmental compliance

Project status reporting

Employee management

Training and supervision

Print and Specifications proficiency

Onsite coordination of subcontractors

  Conduct safety meetings

Facilitate weekly subcontractor’s meetings

Document all R.F.I.’s and change orders

Facilitate all requests for R.F.I.’.s and changes

Verify certifications of subs

Document all contacts, workers, and equipment on site

Review subcontractor’s contract to understand their scope of work

Review safety procedure daily with subcontractors

Capable of completing many different types

of electrical testing including but not limited to:

resistance testing, test before touch, phase rotation,

high potential testing, ground rod testing, troubleshooting.​

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