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TKK LLC is a Professional Construction  Management Company

Moving Projects Forward With Over 30 Years Experience

Our purpose is to apply our expertise to consistently meet or exceed

our client’s objectives in all specifics of the project at hand.


A Word About Safety

Safety is a pillar element

of TKK LLC's culture

TKK is firmly committed to providing and maintaining a working environment free from recognized safety and health hazards for all employees. Our management integrates our commitment to safety into all phases of our work by providing management example, as well as, communicating and emphasizing this commitment in written statements, addressing safety topics at meetings, and instilling safety at all levels of our company. Our goal for every project is Zero Incident Performance through Proper training, tasking, and error-free execution. All project managers have the responsibility to ensure that safety is part of the entire project life cycle. Senior management supports each project manager by ensuring programs and resources are in place to effectively implement the safety program.    TKK has maintained a long and successful history of outstanding job performance in the health and safety arena. We have a substantial commitment to health and safety at all levels of our projects. Risk management and health and safety management are interwoven into our project execution procedures. In the history of our company we have zero compensation claims.  

TKK personnel expertise includes but is certainly not limited to:

Extensive experience resolving environmental issues

Develop and maintain required safety protocols  

Establish and maintain harmonious client relationships

All aspects of civil and underground work


Pre-construction design

Review plans and shop drawings for construct-ability

Evaluate bidders’ qualifications and submittals with owners

Conduct pre-construction meetings with owners, engineers, architects, general contractor and subcontractors

Specification compliance and quality control

Schedule monitoring and inspections with proper AHJ  

Change order review and analysis, RFIs and ASIs

Prompt resolution of claims

Enforcement of the provisions of contract documents

Maintain a neat and clean job site

Day to day efficient and comprehensive project management

All employees at a minimum OSHA 30 certified

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